Climate Change Is Here

My name is Sybella Loram and I am an environmental enthusiast and for the last six months I have been studying global warming and the impact carbon dioxide, methane, phosphorus sulphate pollution and other gas is having on our planet and let me tell you reader it is not good. Climate development is absolutely evident, and it is unquestionably here. It has already infiltrated immense suffering to our planet the wildlife and plants that occupy it.

Before you fast forward thinking, not another global warming blog, please read on as I have completed all the qualitative analytical research myself and there is a great deal of information that is not public yet and may never be.

Africa has felt the effects of the change in precipitation, although there are huge uncertainties as to the precise effects of climate change, with large error bars around temperature forecasts, we know enough to say that global warming represents one of the major threats to Africa’s prosperity. Parts of the continent are already warming much more quickly than the average temperatures.

In southern Africa they have increased by about twice the global rate over the past 50 years. Even if the world were to cut emissions enough to keep global warming below 1.5°C, the heatwaves would intensify in Africa and diseases such as malaria would spread to areas that are not currently affected. Farming agriculture especially will suffer the worst 40% of the land now used to grow maize would no longer be suitable. Overall, we estimate that maize yields would fall by 18-22%.

India and Asia are both already suffering from drought and current water shortish. One of India’s problems is that the groundwater (spring) is running low from overuse and waste via leaking pipes, spillage and not measuring quantity used. As a result, the water tables are very low and farmers are concerned that if they do not get rain, they will lose the groundwater all together meaning wells, streams, and lakes will dry up as well.

The information you are reading is all researched and fact and it may well surprise you, but they are discovering more and more carbon damage causes every day. The Salt Marshes releasing C02 when draining them to build houses. This is not just breaking down the ecosystems and the sea defences, but also it releases the carbon stored in its seagrass. Then there the Peat land’s in Asia over 1200 hectares of carbon dioxide stored in the ground. They drain that for cattle and like the rain forests when they burn or disturb the soil it the C02 that is released into our atmosphere with the rest of the pollution.

Asia has a lot of peat land not unlike the rainforests in Brazil and there is permafrost all over the planet. This has methane in it and C02 that is thawing because of the temperature change and again this will release the gas into the atmosphere along with the trees, the sea, the plankton, the soil, old coal mines our factories and cars, planes well you get the picture. The permafrost is probably our biggest threat because of the amount around the world, and methane is 21 times more toxic for our environment. But the major threat is the thawing of the permafrost. If this continues throughout the globe, then we will lose all control the earth’s climate. It would be down to mother nature and it would not be reversible.

This will cause flooding all over the world causing some coastal areas to be lost forever to the sea. We will abandon continents as the climate will be too hot to survive in or to grow anything. Great cities abandoned also as the seas engulf them forever. The weather will produce cyclones, tidal waves and hurricanes of the likes never seen by humans before and this weather will be permanent, not an initial reaction. They have harvested all fish and plankton. What plankton is left in the sea is dead from the heat that has been forced up through the methane gas leaking from the permafrost. The sea is now baron, and the oxygen levels are so low through the loss of the plankton in our oceans that humankind will struggle. The land cannot grow crops through degradation. There is not enough water for irrigation now and the sea has flooded much of the land causing salt pollution. Human and animal waste pollution is a problem from flooding. This will be global so there will be no rescue from the Americans or anyone else and any food we import will no longer be available.

So please take the time to read my information blogs they are not long and it will help if you share the information with friends and family. We need to get the urgency out to the public and make them aware that life for everyone on the planet is about to change. We can survive this and we will survive it, but the sooner we prepare and make changes the better. We have the luxury of knowing some of what’s coming because of the messenger and through his website, so please look at it.

So please spread the word because this is no minor concern and together we can save our planet and salvage what we leave to prepare for the oncoming water and food shortage.

Please follow as I will do pod casts and newsletters and short stories. I am hoping also to be interviewing local MP and environmental staff from the county counsel to see what they are actually doing for the local community.

For more information, please visit

My name is Sybella Loram , thank you for taking the time to read blog.

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