What would you do if we had and Alien intervention.

Climate change has brought World War III the planet is in chaos and we have Alien intervention.

Has anyone ever had that hypothetical conversation with a mate about what you would do if there was an alien intervention? Complete anarchy breaks out as the democratic society that we know falls apart around our very feet and it develops into every man, woman and child for themselves.

You have those survival fanatics that would run for the hills and live in a dugout with a year’s supply of water and army food. Then you have those that would remain at home and expect the government to deliver some type of discipline.There are the families that would stop at home and have a six-foot wall built and a safe room with food sufficient to support the immediate family only. Then there would be those that would gather a tribe of hunters to go out and shoot first, ask questions later.
Looters, chancers, Bedlam, fear and complete anarchy has taken over.

The year is 2030 freak weather has become the norm. Storms, cyclones and tidal waves in some parts of the world then drought and war over water scarcity in other parts. Nations, communities and cotenants are in a devastating state of hysteria, panic and civil or neighbouring countries’ war. 
Some communities accustomed to extreme weather have lasted longer with less hardship. Many like the UK and a substantial chunk of Europe are in complete pandemonium. There is displacement everywhere and the emergency services cannot cope. Flooding continues for months, generating outbreaks of cholera typhoid, dysantary and other diseases.

The rising sea levels have eventually engulfed most of the major cities around the world, including Miami, New York, much of the UK, parts of India, Thailand, Malaysia to name but a few. The death toll is unknown, and right now nobody cares. Every living soul are trying to stay alive.

The extreme drought has caused displacement and mass migration as millions flee impoverished driven from their communities and countries. This is leading to food loss as absence of irrigation water causes crop yields to fail. Land and soil erosion along with decertification across the globe is causing food shortage for both man and beast.  
Other parts of the world’s water have been subjected to multiple sewage and saltwater contamination through extensive flooding, leaving it ineffective for agriculture or animal grazing. Considerable parts of the earth’s continents and counties have sunk into the oceans, taking billions of lives.

Food and water is scarce everywhere throughout the world, aquatic life became virtually extinct years ago when plankton became extinct from over fishing and acid generated by C02 pollution. There are skirmishes in the western countries and out-and-out war over water control in lands like Syria, Israel, Iraq, Iran, Mali, Nigeria, India and Pakistan. 

Schools were closed down months ago, most parents do not let their children on the streets. Prisons are barely functioning as riots break out through staff shortish. The scarcity of food, water and staff is an ongoing problem for the hospital’s, nursing homes, children’s homes and other institutions and prisons alike. The human rights law is wearing thin with many of the civilians when it is a case of feeding a murderer, or rapist or the sick, elderly and innocent in need. 

Lawlessness, plundering, looting, murder and rape is taking place everywhere, the law enforcement no longer tends the crime scenes or has control., The government ceased broadcasting transmissions of hope months ago. Communities in the countryside, specifically the aged, are not receiving food or water rations. The taps no longer produce water, pharmaceuticals are scarce and extortionate. Those that have a garden, allotment, land or farm have long since being looted. Populations are wandering into the towns and cities from all over rural areas. The same is emerging all over the world at varied degrees and under varied dreadful circumstances.

You have a sick elderly Mother, there is no fuel that was exhausted before the water. No one is coming to help you, and the insulin your mother requires for her diabetes has run out. You would take off to hunt for more, but she is too vulnerable and the neighbours have been robbed, looted and attacked several times. You have the dog, a gun and your wits but it is an extremely high risk leaving her alone with what modest supplies you have. 
You were on benefits before the invasion started and have not received payment for months. There is no staff to run the system, money is worthless, you cannot remember the last time the banks were open, anyway. 
There is no food in the supermarkets, most have locked up. No staff, no food, no electric and it is too dangerous with the robberies and looting. People are bartering with food, water, clothes, bullets, even unlicensed shot guns, Antibiotics, alcohol, painkillers, insulin, batteries, and cigarettes are the new currency.

There is no law enforcement, no ambulance, no emergency help. The government has dismantled as the last shreds of civilised humanity falls apart. Most of our forces are off fighting in the many desert regions for water. The rest are fighting the visitors that have invaded our planet and are declaring an intervention. T

So what would you do?

These are all factors we take for granted, our emergency services, food being delivered to our doors. Medication, the NHS, the extraordinary staff we have that run our communities from elderly people’s homes to the resident home for learning difficulties. The benefit system set up for our unemployed and sick. The free medical relief we receive and the nurses that call on our elderly so they can stay in their homes. Our schools and our colleges and our community transport. Our paramedics that show up to our destress calls at the touch of a free phone call. The instruction by the trained unit that receive the requests for whichever emergency we need.Volunteers that attend the disadvantaged.  The bin men, the receptionist at your GP’s, the free helplines for the afflicted and persecuted such as Samaritans and CRUISE.

The food that reaches our stores, the fresh milk, the bread, the fresh food, jarred luxuries and other produce that’s imported from all over the world is no longer available. For those that can remember, it feels just like the WWII rations, but this time it comprises water, appliance electricity, phone lines and now the internet. Indeed, during the war they had the wireless and a government. Now we are without these as well. We have not had our bin’s collected in months, and the smell is disconcerting and attracts rats.

Communities have family to care for them are struggling as they live far away and there is no fuel to travel long distance. You realise now that you should have left with your son in Cardiff when he proposed it. There is no public transport anymore it is much too unsafe to travel by foot, and you are old, incapacitated, blind, death or possibly have learning difficulties, autistic or worse. A young single parent with a newborn baby or hungry infant. You have not seen your support worker or social worker in weeks, and she does not answer her phone anymore. You are out of baby food, diapers and sterilisers. Your toddler will not stop crying and you are frightened and alone. The estate where you live is crazy at night. The lifts do not operate in your tower block. No engineer is showing up as the councils are all closed and unstaffed.

Makes one think – could this happen?

This maybe slightly exaggerated maybe not, who can tell. But with climate change going the way it is going, it is highly probable in the not so far off future.

Some eastern countries are already fighting over who possesses jurisdiction over the water. Look at Syria, Israel, and parts of Africa. We already push the emergency services and housing in the UK to its limit as more and more individuals come impoverished. The aged are vulnerable while many are on the breadline and powerless to meet their bills, freezing to death.

Homelessness, poverty, hunger, and water shortage are already everywhere on our planet. America, UK, Scotland and China, both westernised and wealth countries have a massive problem with hunger, medical and homeless problems.

What would take place to those in established society if we were to run low on water and food? If we could no longer import food and simply had to grow rations here in the UK? The planet has become so hot through climate change that parts of the globe have become uninhabitable. There is drought in the continent’s and flooding in the ocean front regions. Greece is already suffering. Mass migration from all over the planet is already taking place as refugees seek shelter, not just through war. Africa farmers are migrating, having lost everything to global warming. What would take place to those in established society when we to run low on water and food? Will we be civilised?

The I’m alright Jack, it won’t take place here in Europe is misguided. Wrong! It will take place and what I address here is not going to be speculative, and humans need to recognise this.

Please read this blog it might surprise you.

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