What will happen if we don’t listen?

The experts have written their conjectures, recorded their warnings, and these are coming to pass. Authorities all across the globe have neglected to listen to these warnings. The world is screaming at us to stop abusing it and depleting its resources before we self destruct and have nothing. The outcome being a remanence between the films, Mad Max 3 and Water World.

The effect of what is likely to happen still alludes most of the society. Many who appreciate and have consideration for the environmental disasters are making changes where they can. Others consider the obvious precipitation changes, but assume the governments will ultimately infiltrate some kind of last-minute action. 
Then you have those that are comfortable to endure life in the matrix of ignorance and disdain and continue on in life. They suspect it won’t alter their lives or have any substantive impact during their family’s existence here on earth. So what do they care?

The Guardian newspaper’ report how the intense warming of the Arctic, (which has taken place at twice the overall global average), is becoming more than a disturbance to the prevailing established climatic systems.

Through a published and co authored paper, Judah Cohen, director of seasonal forecasting at the ‘Atmospheric and Environmental Research’, claims that the uptick in the winter storms in the US north-east in the decade leading up to 2018, is because of this excessive heat. 
They believe that the jet stream is altering because of the warming of the Artic and that the energy escaping collides with the polar vortex. This causes it to shift. The complication being that where the vortex moves, so the cold air follows. This leads to a dramatic occurrence of the rupture of the polar vortex, creating immense snowfall in Europe. This then alters precipitation, causing the record cold temperatures in regions of the US. Cohen suggests. ‘that there is no way we can handle wave this away’. This is indeed part because of climate change.

Experts propose that recent weather has been consistent with research related to that which is taking place in the Artic. Clearly global warming has generated these record cold temperatures and the record sweltering conditions.

This is merely one of the most devastating fallouts from man caused by global warming. It illustrates how the climate change has already taken humankind by surprise. The adjustment to the natural order of our atmosphere has an extensive and grave effect on our earth. Should we continue to utilise fossil fuel and breed more cattle, (which produce methane), whilst reinforcing the deforestation of our planet’s essential sink tanks. Then we can expect further destructive weather to take effect in a much faster velocity.

In August 2020, the state of Iowa USA experienced a freak hurricane like storm with winds up to 140 mph. This storm named ‘Derecho’ brought millions of dollars’ worth of destruction to people’s lives. Wrecked harvest costing farmers 35% of their corn yield and millions more in out buildings and machinery. This storm was exceptionally rare, and the state was ill prepared for such a freak weather anomaly. I quoted one farmer who had harvested his land for 50 years, saying’ I am no scientist, but climate change is here’.

Fire expert from the University of California suggests that the continuous sequence of fires is unusual. Peak fire season is typical in the fall, brought about by offshore breezes. The many wildfires are without doubt developing by the fuel generated by climate change. The historically dry winter and equally dry hot weather has made the vegetation drier than it would normally be. This and the recent unusual dry lightning over the Bay Area’ is a fire zone waiting to materialize. So the climate change weather is altering all the seasons, coupled together the outcome is unfavorable.

As California strived to contain the wildfires neighbouring states Oregon, Montana, Idaho, and Colorada were also trying to cope with wildfires.

Hot, dry conditions make Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah fertile ground for enormous blazes

In 2020 there were more than two dozen wildfires burning across the American south-west as the region’s summers continued to get hotter and drier, laying bare the intensifying consequences of climate change.

  • Six major fires in Colorado have burnt nearly 200,000 acres as of Tuesday afternoon.
  • In Arizona, 16 blazes are affecting nearly 100,000 acres, including two major fires near the historic mining and tourism town of Globe that have forced evacuations.
  • Five fires have spread across more than 9,000 acres of Utah lands.
  • And in New Mexico, more than 4,400 acres are ablaze from four fires. The largest of them, the Medio fire, started in a national forest near Santa Fe and has threatened homes on the city’s outskirts.


People need to wake up and recognise climate change is here now!

Climate change is obvious and is taking place now. The impact is unmistakable, as it is felt throughout the earths ecosystem. The effect of the drought in Colorado summer of 2020 has placed considerable stress on the surrounding environment. Snow thawed early and with the absence of expected monsoon seasonal rain, the rivers were shallow, generating the water to become hotter than regular. This affected the fisheries along with the shortish of the water. Grass that once covered the prairies was obsolete. Farmers were having to supplement their animals through scarcity of grazing available. Then there is the trees that are bone dry and stressed making them sensitive to bark beetle which kills them. More dead trees mean more fire fuel for the wild fires.

The largest blaze in Colorado was the Pine Gulch fire, started by lightning and causing 134,000 aces of wildfire, exasperated by the pinion and oak trees.

Eco watch wrote that the 2020 official rankings according to NASA, of earths average surface temperature is close to a tie with 2016 for the hottest year on record. This puts the last seven years as the hottest on record. The extract below is from the website http://www.https://www.ecowatch.com/extreme-weather-climate-2020

They will not release the official rankings until January 14, 2021, but according to NASA, Earth’s average surface temperature in 2020 is likely to tie with 2016 for the hottest year on record, making the last seven years the seven hottest.

Remarkably, the record warmth of 2020 took place during a minimum in the solar cycle and in a year in which a moderate La Niña event formed. Surface cooling of the tropical Pacific during La Niña events typically causes a slight global cool-down, as does the minimum of the solar cycle, making it difficult to set all-time heat records. The record heat of 2020 in these circumstances is a demonstration of how powerful human causes of global warming have become.

The article continues to cover ten of the top climate change disasters globally in 2020. I would encourage the reader to log into the site and peruse it for further information. It is well worth reading.

Climate crisis could displace 1.2bn people

According to a recent report, 1.2 billion people living in 31 countries are not adequately resilient to withstand ecological threats. We expect great displacement within the next 30 years. The evidence is beyond any doubt, the prospect of our world is dangling by a thread. With 19 countries confronting the toughest amount of threats. 
This will include water and food scarcities, along with being the most unprotected to natural disasters. United Nations’ have data that reveals 157 countries’ are exposed to eight ecological risks. The assessments assess the capacity to which these communities can withstand the threats. 
The conclusion was that by 2050 141 of these regions will be challenged with at least one of the ecological disasters. 
These consist of sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia, the Middle East and North Africa they are also the territories that will meet the highest impact. Water scarcity will mostly jeopardize countries, such as India and China, swifter than alternative populations.

A significant dispute will be the fight over resources contributing to civil instability and displacement on a scale unheard of ever before. Pakistan accompanied by Ethiopia and Iran will be the countries with the greatest population at risk. There is already a world water shortage with 60% less fresh water available than 50 years ago. The demand for food is likely to increase and because of climate crisis they expect that the natural disasters we witnessed globally in 2020 will simply multiply in frequency and velocity. As a repercussion, we can expect some of the more secure states to become vulnerable by 2050 as well.


It is deplorable, but the majority of the countries that will go through the negative impact early are those that least warrant it. This is because they have the least wealth and economy to influence the climate change. Continents like Africa, Ethiopia specifically, where they are still establishing themselves and are perceived in the west to be third world populations. 
These poor souls have had the least influence on the climate owing to lack of automobiles, motorways and massive herds of cattle to breed for meat. There economy is so very poor and their means to exist so very humble. But ultimately they are experiencing the effects of the atmosphere change. Billions of African peasant farmers are migrating owing to drought. This has cost them the loss of their beasts, grain and homes.
The recent events in this paper are just a taster of what has been transpiring around the globe and the disastrous repercussions and suffering as the rapid change in precipitation wreaks destruction on billions of lives. 
If we do not force our governments to take notice of us and establish and action the termination of all fossil fuel in its entirety, then we are lost to a future that will be profoundly different from now.

Sweden is setting a precedent to the rest of the world through renewable energy like hydropower, and Bioenergy it has established its objective of achieving the recommended level of C02 in 2020. But it further demonstrates that there is no excuse for the rest of the world’s leaders not to follow this example. We have the technology and the capital and those countries that do not can be subsidised by those that can. China is an illustration of this, they have been shelling out loans to half the globe for years now manipulating the silk road trading. 
We can secure our world, we can preserve our offspring’s future and create the difference. We can collude, consolidate, unify and develop into one sharing culture, religion and civilisation. We can evade further catastrophe and save billions of lives and going to war.


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